Ashley has always had an eye for fashion, even as a very young girl. During grade school she jumped at the opportunity to enter the world of high end retail fashion. The thought of being so close to the fashion world was something she just could not pass up. Her passion grew throughout her young adulthood and she was soon piecing together outfits for friends and family, using her resources in the retail fashion world to her advantage and later becoming a personal stylist/ shopper.
With the rise of social media, Ashley was able to share her passion with the world, right at her fingertips. Ashley soon realized she could create a platform for women who shared a similar fashion sense, who may need some help putting it all together. After becoming a mother of two, Ashley truly understood the importance of time management as well as using what you have in your closet to create a great outfit in minutes. Ashley created as a way to share all of her fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice in one stop!
Remember: “Fashion is love, fashion is expression, fashion is you”.