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Wonderspaces is a Great Escape
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Del Mar Fair Nights


All is Fair in Family (and Food) at the Del Mar Fair

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Happy Birthday to A LEGEND

I’m turning 29 this year and it feels a little weird. Not because I’m getting older, but because what getting older entails. For instance, I feel like I can’t be so extra when I’m 30. I’m going to need to tone it down a BIT. LOL! This could possibly mean, no more fishnet catsuits with just panties and a bra underneath, no more pink wigs, and no more getting black out drunk with my girlfriends. You know, 20-year-old things! For my 29th birthday I want to be so extra, it actually makes people uncomfortable! This is my final year of extraness and I’ve decided to start the ‘Year of Extra’ with a photoshoot! Comment below and let me know how you handle getting older! XoXo

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A Night at The Pendry

I was invited to one of the most exclusive party’s! Last weekend marked the grand opening of The Pendry Hotel, located in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego. As I sauntered through the boutique style entrance I immediately got the vibe of class, excellence, and fun! The interior design is a perfect mix of young and old glam. But before I continued on my way to the lounge area, I stopped by the succulent flower wall — a blogger’s dream backdrop!

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