Del Mar Fair Nights


All is Fair in Family (and Food) at the Del Mar Fair

Who doesn’t love fairs?!? Crazy food concoctions, fun (and dizzying) rides, plus a lifetime of memories! The Del Mar Fair (also begrudgingly known as The San Diego County Fair) only happens once a year and is truly the hallmark of the start of the summer season. The kids and I always go to indulge in all that the fairgrounds have to offer. Unfortunately, this year I didn’t eat as much as I have in the past, due to my vegetarian diet. Instead of my usual fare, the shrimp pineapple rice bowl, I had an artichoke sandwich. The kids ate festive rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches and of course our family favorite, cotton candy! We rode some awesome rides the cyclone, the quadzilla and our family favorite the Goliath slide. We even played carnival games, which I think are rigged but proved to be no match for Brave and Dad. We went home with tons of prizes, zero tantrums, and zero diet slip ups! I promised my family that this summer would be the most lit of all. So far we are having more fun and surprises then a carnival/fair/festival fire eater!

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