noun: feminism

                  the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Feminism: Visited

It is estimated that 4.8 million women, worldwide, marched in the 2017 Women’s March. Globally, women came together for one of the most important social moments in contemporary history to create awareness about women’s rights, healthcare reform, LGBTQ rights, racial inequality, religious tolerance, and labor rights.


A few issues that I feel especially passionate about and that I find myself seeking answers to are: How can the U.S. claim to be such an advanced society, yet women are not treated equally? Why don’t we get paid the same for the same work? Why are we spending trillions of dollars on research for male sexual enhancement drugs, but still haven’t figured out a way to make birth control methods easier, accessible, and better for all women? Why are laws regulating the female body still being created by committees comprised of only men? Why are we still fighting for the same things our great grandmothers fought for? Why is “feminist” such a “bad” word?


To me, feminist/ism does not mean anti-men. Feminism, to me, means pro-girl and there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve asked ten of my closest girlfriends, “What does feminism mean to you?” All of the answers were positive and none made me feel anti-men. Here are some of their responses. Leave yours below.


Feminism to me:

by @brittanymicek

Feminism by definition is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality. Simple, right? Feminism, usually by some other name, has always existed in Western modernity as a necessary form of subversion. Why? Historically, westernization is a system predicated on the juxtaposition of binaries. Women/Men. Black/White. Able/Disabled. Rich/Poor. Haves/Have-nots. Us/Them. Therefore the very concept of feminism encroaches on, and aims to disrupt, a system so many people believe to be true. This creates a palpable sense of fear in all actors, including some women. Why?


A threat to power and feelings of loss can be scary. Change can be scary and not easily or readily embraced. To standup to the dominate culture/system and proclaim it wrong or no longer the myth you believe in takes courage. It also requires others and intersectional alliances to come together and think beyond a system that disproportionately benefits them. Changing the way people understand the dynamics of power, loss, sharing, systems, and beliefs can be unpleasant and challenging.


Science has proven that biodiversity, and difference in species, does not overpower any one entity in an ecosystem. Instead, embracing/including difference and diversity only makes a system stronger and promotes growth of all kinds, equally.


However, equality and equity can not be confused. I believe in equality across the board, no matter who you are. I also know that because of systemic inequality, equity will need to be given first to create a level playing field for true equality.


So when I say, I am feminist or believe in feminism as a principle, theory, rule, it means that I believe that equality and parity should be a truism to all beings and that the intersection of women’s rights and all human rights are inextricable. It means that I refuse to believe in a myth or system that does not serve all beings with fairness.


I just want a chance to live to my fullest potential. That’s what feminism is to me. That’s why I am a feminist.


Feminism to me:

by @Ebonynicolefit

Feminism to me is a woman, despite upbringing and others life barriers, who truly embodies the voice of the African-American women pioneers of the civil rights era. A woman who looks adversity in the face daily, like a lioness awaiting the perfect moment to pounce on her prey refusing to allow her environment outwit or overthrow her. It is imperative for the image of the Black Women of today to continue to flourish. We need to not only demand but to exude the utmost level of regard, tact, and cunning. As a broken race it is up to this generation to be a light and find a way to reach and spark hope and life into the black holes and inner cities of society, to reach those lost souls and show them what our ancestors as well as the visionaries and activists have fought so hard for us to have. We mustn’t squander the opportunity to showcase breakthroughs, triumphs, and even those times we wouldn’t want anyone to know about. We must continue to be resilient and exercise the blessing of Womanhood our God has given us and birth a new nation of UNIFIED women who will not be afraid to band together and be a reminder to anyone who attempts to stop us, that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Feminism to me:

by @Brandi_Walters_

“Strong but soft”



Feminism to me:

by @_SterlingGold

In my opinion, the message in the movie Hidden Figures defines feminism in a way to say that women are capable to exceed their own standards and goals. In economic, political, social and geographical matters. Not just matters of the heart but even more intellectual and creatively sound.



Feminism to me:

by @KelseyWieds

I asked a couple of close friends about the term “feminist” this morning. For me the concept has changed over the years, and I find myself now wanting to embrace more of the traditional role of being a woman. I don’t think women should or have to fight to be “equal” to men. We are integrally different, yin and yang, and our differences should be honored.

Feminism to me:

by @MsIrielife

A feminist is a person (not just a woman) that believes in equality for woman and men, they don’t believe in gender roles, they are politically and socially conscious of woman’s rights (right to choose, equal pay for equal work, ect…), they fight to insure a woman’s voice is heard and listen too, they fight rape culture, sexual harassment, bullying, size discrimination.



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