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Okay, so I know we are all tired of “keeping up” with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but Kylie showed up and showed out with the highly anticipated [Lip Kit by Kylie] liquid lipsticks. Kylie offers a variety of colors for all different skin tones and lip kit shades that are more than just basic blushes and rouges. Currently, these lip kits are my absolute favorite liquid lipsticks.


Of the entire collection, [Dolce K] is my go to color for a practical, everyday look. It compliments my skin tone and transforms me from basic Brenda to badass Beesh. As the saying goes, never leave the house without your lipstick and Dolce K is the perfect, all day shade. It is very simple and chic, and can easily translate from day to night.
tedp8409“Dolce K”
Now I usually never switch it up, I’m strictly a Dolce K kind of girl, but when I do, I reach for the slick and eye catching gloss. This really isn’t a switch up as much as it is enhancing what is already so great about Kylie’s lip kits. Kylie Cosmetics also makes great glosses. I apply the Literally Gloss as a layer over a base of Dolce K. The finish is nice, smooth, and buttery, never sticky. This gives me an entire different look and attitude with a flick of the wrist (lol). Lipstick has the power to change your look and these lip kits even more so because of their great quality and variety of options.

Really, the best thing about these matte liquid lipsticks are that they do not dry your lips or turn chalky like most other brands. The pigmentation is bold and lasts all day. The packaging is fun and edgy. I know they are a little hard to score, with up to a week long waiting list for some shades, but if you follow her Instagram Kylie gives out release dates. You’ll just have to be glued to your computer at the time of release to get lucky! Trust me ladies, they’re well worth it.
img_5557“I got lucky, lol”
Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite lip kits and combos are from her collection. TTYL!

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