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The beauty of living in San Diego and The U.S. is that there is so much culture. Every week it seems there is a new restaurant opening up or I find myself wanting to try a restaurant that I’ve never been to before. I am super experimental when it comes to food because that is how I learn and become inspired in the kitchen.


I love to taste food from different chefs and see how they put their spin on it. I think that is what fascinates me about food. You can give 10 chefs all the same ingredients and 9 out of 10 times they all will create something different. To me, that is so cool. The items you see on your plate have been created from passion, life experiences, life travels and life demographics and I want to be apart of that. Join me, as I show you what foods have tempted me.


Fire Side

Recently, my best friend Ashley and I took our children to go play at Kids Adventures in Liberty Station. Kid Adventures is a really cute indoor kids fantasy land where you can take your children from 0-10+ to play and have a great time. Mom can mix and mingle with other moms and your children can explore in close quarters. Oh, and they have a really cute cafe! No matter your child’s age, Kids Adventures has something for every child.


Anyways, after playing we noticed an outdoor restaurant across the street called Fire Side. We are always down to try something new and so we decided to go. The ambiance was good and it’s kid friendly. The service was outstanding and your food comes out fast, hot and fresh!

Here’s a sample of the food and drinks we tried.


What We Drank!


The Humming Bird cocktail. So BOMB!!

It’s made of hibiscus vodka, vanilla hand infused vodka and topped with blackberries and mint


What We Ate!

Sometimes we eat appetizers for a main meal. Who else is guilty of this?  And since the appetizers looked so good, we couldn’t help ourselves. The portions are extremely gracious, and we didn’t want to be wasteful by ordering main courses. We have some trips coming up too, so we’re trying to not pack on the pounds.



Cheddar Corn Bread


Main Meal

Wood-Fire Muscles

Chicken and Shrimp Yakitori (2 per order)

Broccoli+ mustard butter

I would also recommend the collard greens and smoked pork chops and cheeseburger!

Enjoy! Great food, great service, great company and kid-friendly, what more could you ask for when you’re going out to eat. Let me know what food tempted you the next time you stop by Fire Side, Point Loma.



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