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Even the most sophisticated fashion girls will fall victim to the current trend. Being on trend isn’t necessarily a bad thing when done right and in moderation. Sometimes predicting what’s about to trend saves you from some serious fashion faux pas or just looking basic as heck. ‘What’s trending’ is my quarterly style watch on what’s hot and what’s not.

For me, and most of my friends, chokers were popularized in the film Clueless (I know, I’m getting old). As much as I loved the glam of a fuzzy pencil or plaid pleated skirt, chokers, like many other fashion trends of the 90s remained in a proverbial time capsule that I did not to bring back. After seeing chokers everywhere, and much internal resistance, I’ve hopped on the bandwagon and joined the choker trend with a vengeance. I fought this trend for as long as I could, but alas I have given into the simple, delicate, yet daring choker!!! I literally have like a ton of chokers.


“I was not kidding LOL”

I buy them, make them, and people gift them to me. My obsession has no bounds. Well, maybe some boundaries (lol).

It is choker overload in my accessories drawer and these are my favorites:



This choker is a classic must have. It is girly and glamorous. It is great to wear with a [silk cami dress] and fur or the complete opposite look, paired with [boyfriend jeans] and a simple t-shirt. Interestingly enough, although chokers in general are seen everywhere now, this style was initially hard to find. Now, you can purchase them just about anywhere, including [Instagram], at great quality and price.

Black felt:


Ahhh, the classic black felt choker. This is easily included as one of my top, staple accessories because of its versatility. You can literally wear this with anything! Feel like your outfit is missing something? Use this choker to jazz it up. The sizing varies from small, medium, and large, allowing for the best width to compliment your neck size. The black felt choker is really hard to mess up. Literally have a neck and put one on!



Lace chokers really are everything, simple and yet so sexy. They make great layering pieces and take the edge out of the darkest and grungiest looks. Contrast your girly, goth, or grunge look with a lace choker, graphic t, leather jacket and pants. If you are just entering the choker game, I would definitely start off simple with the overlays (maybe just a lace choker with a thin leather choker on top) and add on from there.

Want to chat more about where I purchase and craft some of my favorite chokers? Comment below, TTYL!









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